Vance Sorry, Tom, that won't work. The Bluetooth SD card only allowed connection of Dana as a Palm device (and often not very well). Dana's keyboard could only be connected over USB when running AlphaWord.
Tom Since the wireless model supports SDIO cards, do you think a Bluetooth SD card would also allow me to use this as a Bluetooth keyboard?
Craig Hi Vance Thought I would let you know that the Neo with Bluetooth adapter works equally well with the Android-based Kindle Fire HD. In fact the delete key works correctly as well. Couldn't resist trying it and worked like a charm. Thanks again. Craig
Vance Models and textures in Autodesk Maya. Rendered using mental ray.
Vance This photo was snapped at a thrift store, where there were a few dozen pairs of these odd slippers on the shoe rack. I wonder how many ended up in the dumpster out back.
Yvan I think my daughter has a pair of those. You know, in the bottom of the closet somewhere...
Yvan Looks... um... curvy. I like it, though.
Rolf Malter Hi! I just read your blog dealing with Dana battery and/or akku`s. Pretty reasonable and feasable too.. But; Couldn`t you "make" an accustack somehow, and simply plug in those new stacked accus?
DonB Hi, Vance. I performed your rewiring trick last night, and the Dana seems to work like a charm (so far). Thanks a lot! I should point out for those considering doing this that, if you are, like me, not terribly technically adept, this hack is not a snap. And if you have big hands like me, it's like performing delicate brain surgery. Everything inside the Dana is tiny, and the screws that hold the machine together are miniscule and of the infuriating Philips (star-shaped) variety, which means they strip easily. I'm considering replacing them with far superior Robertsons, though I don't anticipate having to take the Dana apart again in the future. If I might presume to add one tip: As to the extra wiring required to extend the black wire to the spring connector, I just cut the black wire off the old, obsolete Dana battery pack and used that. However, it's not long enough to go all the way to the end of the battery compartment, through the end, and back again, so I just sliced a small divet in top of the black plastic of the battery compartment and placed the wire atop it and through to the anode plate. Another option is drilling a small hole, but this was easier. Question to Vance: I put electrical tape onto to two separate pieces of black wire that I twisted together, but I did NOT put any tape where the wires attached to the two ends of the battery compartment (the male and female metal plates, one with a spring, one without). It was simply too small an area for me to be able to reach. Do you foresee this as a problem, such as a fire hazard? I imagine the only potentiality is an electrocution hazard. If one has the charger plugged in and the battery compartment open, and one touches one of the metal ends... But who would do that?
DonB Thanks much for the reply, Vance. I'll try the hack soon and report back here. It sounds like a winner. It would be great if the battery power lasted longer. I have always found the dormant discharge especially annoying. I have written a 320,000-word book on my Dana, and I have a couple of hundred thou to go, depending, so this will help.
tristan I think I'm going to paint my Kymco to look like a cop scoot. -t
Stephen T Great photograph! I've seen those pock marked rocks a few times in Taiwan, usually along the east coast highway.
BillS It's rare that you can see all the way across the valley like that. Before and after a typhoon really cleans things out.
Vance That's the one!
Wayne In Da Zhir? That would be from the hill with the big cemetary, right? I've been there. Used to walk up the stairs in the mornings to avoid the heat.
TedZ Reminds me of my time in Taiwan. I never made it down to TaiZhong, though.
C.H. I have a Canon Pro1, too. Going to "upgrade" to a G9 one of these days. (Or whatever comes next.)
Craig Very nice colors! I love this time of year, when these lanterns are strung up everywhere. Especially at night.
Vance Yeah, I haven't been back since the big switcheroo, but I'd sure like to check it out.
Franklin I've been there! I like the wax statues of Mr. Chang, although I don't know if they're there since they changed the name.
Craig I see you avoided the sticky issue of labeling the photo with "Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall..."
Vance Yeah, I should have stuck around longer. It was a quick shot while walking through a temple.
Craig Great colors! I'd like to see a wider shot of the whole table.
Craig The river water in Taipei is extremely nasty... I'm surprised they government still allows these races every year. (They do have some filter things out in the weeks before the big day, but I've never seen it make much difference. That water is toxic.
Sara H. Those blue boats... the sweaty Taiwanese guys... It all brings back memories of my one time doing the Dragon Boat races. Team Canada let me be on their team even though I'm not a Canadian. After getting splashed by that foul water, I just couldn't do it again.
Stephen T hammer out the dents, paint it red, new leather seat, white sidewalls... could be a beauty. :)
Sandra Hi, you have a few nice pictures/renders around here. You should post more often.
Sara H. You could call it "Primitive Life." I love the soft lighting. I'm just learning mental ray. Love the new easier area lights.
retrowriter Yes, that flip out an twist LCD sure is handy...
Not That Anybody Noticed | Darren Goossens […] (This ‘picture’ was made by lying my Neo on an A4 flatbed scanner, so it gives a good idea of the size — a bit bigger than an A4 page — and of course it looks lousy, but I am lazy.  Better pictures elsewhere.) […]
AlphaSmart Neo review | Oz Barton [...] a bonus, it’s also amenable to fun modifications, like this guy who painted his fire-engine red, or this one done in Neapolitan pink, white, and brown, or [...]
GoldMonkey I'd like to do the paint-job thing, but I'm not sure how the keyboard on a Neo disassembles? I'm sure there's a simple snap-in/out solution, but I can't seem to find it. Any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks! :)
PiXeLbLuE230 Wow that's so nice bit of kit ........ Your workmanship is outstanding .... Would love to know if you sell these..... Wow again .... :0)
MICRO ARCADE – Universo gamer revelado! [...] obra é Vance Fry, um professor de Minessota que também gosta de computadores movidos a bateria. O blog de Vance tem mais informações sobre o processo de trabalho e outros detalhes. [...]
Vance The CHD games struggle on all but the highest end systems, but no one really builds a mame cab for those games.
Cecilia That's lovely. I can't tell you how many years I have wanted a big tricycle like that - and a red, go-fast one, too!

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